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Are there any restrictions for playing the games?

Our policy is to grant you full time access to the game with few to none restrictions, but we monitor player's activity and behavior. If we notice suspicious behavior, we will contact a suspect to deliver the warning. If, however, we have serious indications that our game is being used for abusive behavior, calling at expenses of third parties, money laundering, or any other inappropriate practices, we reserve the right to exclude players by blocking their accounts and suspend payments of prize money. After an account is blocked, we will contact the corresponding player and discuss the issue with the service supplier to verify the proper use of the connection. There are agreements with certain providers in place, to prevent possible fraud and abuse with joint actions.

Is registration mandatory?

You have to create an account to play the game. Registration is required only once, but obtaining an account brings several advantages. You can resume your game session, get an overview of recent transactions or check status of your pending payments. In addition, your personal data, such as your name and bank details are securely stored with us, so there's no need to re-enter it when you make a cashout.

Is it possible to play several game instances at the same time on one PC?

Basically, this is possible when playing in paid rooms using multiple accounts. However, you're not allowed to do so while playing in free rooms to avoid discrimination of other players.
Generally, we do not recommend running several game instances on one machine. The gamepanel tracks the information with the help of so-called cookies, located on your PC. If your PC hangs and has to be rebooted, the credit balance will be restored. When you have more than one game panel open, the second one overwrites the cookie with the information from the first one.

What happens when several players have Bingo?

The corresponding prize amount is always divided by the number of winning tickets and awarded in proportion to winning players. A player with two winning tickets receives more than a player who owns a single winning ticket at a same time.

How much of a ticket price goes to pot?

Depending on the number of players, a pot makes 80 to 90% of the common stake. Out of this, a 30% contributes to the Pattern-pot, while the rest 70% goes to the Bingo pot. The difference between stakes and pot values is substracted to cover for various costs. Occasionally, when a margin permits, the organizer announces Super Rounds, which draw a substantially higher amount for pots. Due to certain changes to our policy, such Super Rounds are no longer announced in advance. We regret any inconvenience.

Why is my screen name declined?

A screen name may be rejected if there is an existing account registered with a same name. Also, a screen name from numbers and letters to exist and is only a space between 2 words allowed.

Why do I have to indicate my name and place of residence when I win a prize?

We only need the minimum of personal data to make a transfer of your prize. In addition to account number, we ask for your name and place of residence, as a part of information associated with your account information. E-mail is required so we're able to reach you in case the information you entered (address or account number) is incorrect. Finally, we always look forward to keep you informed on our latest news (newsletter is usually sent not more than once in a month).

When entering my game code, I get the message that not enough numbers were entered. What does it mean?

Occasionally this happens when you make a call using mobile phone with DTMF-tones (tones to distinguish the dialled numbers) turned on, i.e. heard when you enter digits. This probably affects the quality of the tones. Our advice is to change your phone settings so you don't hear the DTMF-tones. If this doesn't help, please try another phone.

I have neither a mobile telephone nor a cable internet connection. Is it still possible to pay by phone to play your games?

In case you prefer to pay by phone, rather than use other available payment methods, please do the following. Terminate your internet connection. After approx. 30 seconds the text 'Retry' appears in the game panel. Call within next 10 minutes, enter the game code and complete it with the "#" key. Reconnect to the internet and click on 'Retry', the game then starts with the correct credit balance.

My game is aborted, are my credits lost?

The game panel stores a so-called cookie on your computer. When you restart the game panel, this cookie will be read and all data will be verified with the data on our game server. If there were any credits left, you will be notified and your balance will be restored. The cookie has a validity period of 10 minutes and after that the balance is automatically stored with your phone number. The next time you call the stored credits should be added to your balance meter. If the game displays incorrect balance, please get in touch with us by using our feedback form and indicate the balance and time when an error has occurred.